Excellent Flavors that will WOW You


What makes for a great entrée?  Presentation, appearance, texture, sure, but it all starts and ends with flavor.  Flavors define the product, create the aroma, and provide for a delicious experience.

At H.B. Taylor Co. we are committed to producing excellent flavors that will WOW you. Our flavorists, with decades of experience, create custom, delicious flavors that maximize your product’s success.  From sriracha to sweet vanilla to berries or butter, our flavors provide authentic, well-balanced profiles that will make your finished product exquisite and memorable.

H.B. Taylor Co. is a full-service flavor house with the expertise to create unique custom products as well as national brand equivalents.  We can provide for you natural and artificial flavors with Organic, Halal, Kosher and/or Gluten Free Certifications.  Our products are available as liquid blends, dry blends, and spray dry powders.

Challenge us and let us WOW you!

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